The 5 Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2021

The 5 Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2021

Want to know which are the highest paying IT jobs in the UK right now? The increases in IT salaries are big news at the moment. And the trend is set to continue throughout 2022. So if you are considering a new career, or your next step in IT, you need to know the best route for you. And if salary is an important factor, this is a must read!

Highest Paying Jobs in IT

Our specialist consultants have been collecting data over the last 8 months to share with you the highness paying jobs in IT. Here’s what we found –

Dev Ops Engineer

A fairly new role to the IT market, a DevOps Engineer ties development to operations processes. Hence the term DevOps. You introduce processes, methodologies, and tools throughout the software development lifecycle to help ensure balance. This can cover everything from coding, deployment, and maintenance. A strong DevOps Engineer helps businesses deliver applications quickly and efficiently.

Current Average Salary for a DevOps Engineer – £70,000. Search our latest DevOps jobs

Data Scientist

Data is at the heart of everything we do. Every day, data driven decisions are made in business across the world. Therefore, how a business gathers and uses its data is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, the role of a Data Scientist is to design data modelling processes, create algorithms and predictive models. This is to extract the data that the business needs and automation plays a big part. As well as regular data reporting, there will be various ad-hoc projects to be involved in. A Data Scientist is also key in analysing any results.

Current average salary for a Data Scientist – £75,000. Search our latest Data Scientist jobs


Mobile App Developer

Can also be known as a Mobile Developer or App Developer. However, the responsibilities are the same. A Mobile App Developer designs, develops and implements apps. You specialise in mobile technology and build apps for platforms such as iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone. You will need to be full of great ideas that you can turn into apps for whichever business you work for.

Current average salary for a Mobile App Developer – £63,750. Search our latest Developer jobs

The top 2 highest paying jobs in IT

Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect is responsible for a company’s cloud computing strategy. You oversee everything from cloud application design and cloud adoption plans, to management and monitoring of the cloud architecture. In addition, you’ll need a passion for new technologies. A Cloud Architect is expected to bring ideas to the table for efficiency improvements by utilising cloud technology.

Current average salary for a Cloud Architect – £100,000. Search our latest Cloud Architect jobs

Information Security Analyst

With companies holding so much mission critical data these days, business are focusing more heavily on information security. And an Information Security Analyst is key to this. You are responsible for taking proactive measures to protect this data and be ‘one step ahead’ of any potential cyber-attacks. An architect analyses data and makes recommendations to an Information Security Administrator. Their main responsibility is keeping the systems up and running.

Current average salary for an Information Security Architect – £80,000. Search our latest Information Security Architect jobs

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