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What is IT Contract Recruitment?

IT contractors are professionals offering specific IT skill sets to clients on a business-to-business basis, just as you would engage with any external business for their services.

After an initial discovery meeting, the assignment is scoped, timescales and costs estimates are agreed upon, and contracts are signed. Then it’s up to the IT Professional to work with you and other key stakeholders to deliver on time.

At Langley James, we have the skills, experience, and market knowledge to help you and your company recruit the most qualified IT contract specialists.

What We Do

While all client requirement scenarios differ, you all share one thing in common – You don’t have the critical IT skills needed in house.

Our job is to learn about you, your business, the project at hand, and the skill gap. With that information, we help you to build a profile of the type of IT contractor you need before going to market seeking suitable professionals.

Our established IT Contract division can source candidates skilled in all mainstream and niche technologies in any area of the UK. 

The competitive nature of contracting means we will work hard to find the right person at the right price, ensuring a successful experience for all. 

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