Exceptional IT Recruitment

Exciting opportunities for exceptional tech talent

For over 20 years, Langley James has worked with amazing businesses, to recruit exceptional talent. Today, we work with ambitious, city-based organisations to recruit exceptionally talented tech professionals. We connect exciting opportunities to the best, most suitable and highly effective people.

Our clients hire the very best talent, fast and effectively, so they can seize the moment.

Connecting people for over 20 Years

Vision, mission and values

Our vision is to create a community of technical professionals, working in socially conscious organisations where the impact of their work is valued by generations to come. 

Recruitment isn’t rocket science, but the people we work with can and do change the world every day. Our mission is to create an exceptional environment for recruiters with a passion for people and technology combine to ensure every client and candidate that we work with has an exceptional experience.


People are exceptional

People are the greatest asset in every business. We’ve been recruiting talented people for a long time, and we know ‘exceptional’ when we see it. From the moment you first connect, to the ‘congratulations’ note when you get the job or make a hire, we value every interaction and hope that you have an exceptional experience with us. 

Timing is Everything

In a world where every second counts, we make sure it does. From the moment we get to know you, to clear communication at every stage of your recruitment experience, we make sure there’s value in every second.

Experience First

We’ve been around the block a few times and we’ve navigated ourselves through many trends. We pride ourselves on being well versed in all aspects of technical recruitment – from contract to permanent, from onboarding to outsourcing but, we are also always open to learning something new. Come and tell us about your experience! 


Well Connected

Our network is remarkable. We wouldn’t be here without it and to us our reputation is everything. From the first client brief and the best technical candidate hired, we ensure we know everyone, ask for feedback and ensure that we’re introduced to more exceptional people.

Authentic and Simple

Honesty and transparency are traits that we live by. Langley James is a business where everyone gets to be the best version of themselves. We keep the processes simple, the tech cutting-edge and each of our personalities authentic, so you’re experience is nothing short of exceptional.


Diverse and Inclusive

These aren’t just buzzwords for Langley James. We’ve always recognised that a diverse range of skills, experiences and perspectives add immediate value and that by creating, developing and maintaining an inclusive working environment is paramount to companies succeeding over their competitors. Diversity and Inclusion are written within our DNA.

Meet the team

James Toovey

Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur, James has been a recruiter for over 20 years. With a passion for all things IT, James is dedicated to delivering a quality, personable and professional experience for every placement. Driving IT recruitment forward innovatively and daring to be different, he ensures the very best people are connected, and for the world to be better for it. 

Kieran Delaney

Head of Operations

As head of operations, Kieran has a wealth of experience as a recruiter and as a marketer. Obsessed with people orientated processes, Kieran’s role is to ensure that every client, candidate, and Langley James employee is highly engaged, in the know and confident that the business will deliver the very best experience. 

What we do

Connecting exceptional people with the right jobs

Saving employers valuable time spent on long list assessment 

Provide career advice and jobseeker resources

Deliver outplacement services for departing employees 

Professional Salary Benchmarking Reports

Gain a competitive edge with job description, process & CV advice


We’re hiring too! 

IT Recruitment Consultant


We’re really quite lucky – our clients and candidates love what we do. So we can do
more of the same, we’re looking for an IT Recruitment Consultant to join the expanding
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