Salary and Rate Benchmarking Solutions

Gain Competitive Advantage in Your Industry

In today’s dynamic business landscape, maintaining a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent is paramount.

Our Salary and Rate Benchmarking services provide objective, dependable market data to facilitate decision-making regarding
Permanent salary structures and Interim/Contract Rates.

Key Advantages:

Objective and independently sourced salary and rate information
Informed decision-making on employee and Temporary pay packages
Executive pay analysis tailored to your organisation

Salary Benchmark Guide per role
Price: £299 + VAT

Our comprehensive compensation benchmarking process includes:

Job Analysis: Thorough examination of job roles and descriptions.
Data Collection: Regular collation of up-to-date rates and salaries from extensive live data and partner networks.
Market Comparison: Matching internal job roles with similar positions in the market to identify competitive pay rates.
Interpretation: Extracting and analyzing data to offer actionable insights. Why Choose Us:
Independence: We provide unbiased advice, free from ties to in-house surveys.
Sector-Focused Surveys: Utilizing multi-source surveys customized to specific sectors or functions.
Reliable Analysis: Based on meticulous job matching and consideration of company size, complexity, revenue, and market capitalization. Balancing Data and Judgment:

While our salary benchmarking tool offers valuable insights, it complements rather than replaces the need for judgment and negotiation in pay decisions.

Our approach empowers executives and remuneration committees to make well-informed comparisons and considerations relevant to individual job holders.

How We Assist:

• Competitive Pay Setting: Establishing market-aligned salary structures.
• Pay Progression: Providing guidance on salary growth decisions.
• Bonus Allocation: Informed bonus distribution based on market rates and individual performance.

Our Expertise:
Whether you’re recruiting fresh talent or evaluating your current pay strategies, our team of reward consultants is dedicated to supporting you.
We deliver data-driven insights and independent recommendations tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

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