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Crafting a CV can be a daunting task. It’s a deeply personal document, making it challenging to gauge its effectiveness objectively.

You likely have numerous questions:
• Is my CV too short or too long?
• Is it organised and easy to follow?
• Does it showcase my unique qualities, or does it feel generic?
• Have I highlighted my achievements effectively?
• Does the language convey professionalism and value?

At Langley James, we’ve been meticulously reviewing CVs for over 25 years, understanding what resonates with employers and what doesn’t. To address the demand for expert guidance, we’ve launched our CV Review Service.

Professional CV Review Service
Duration: 1-hour Teams Call
Price: £99 (refunded upon successful placed by Langley James)

What We Offer:
• Unbiased Evaluation: Receive impartial feedback on your current CV, along with actionable suggestions for improvement.
• Structural Analysis: Personalised insights into your CV’s layout, content flow, and language usage.
• Red Flag Handling: Guidance on addressing potential concerns like employment gaps or inconsistencies.
• Spelling and Grammar Check: Identification and correction of errors to ensure professionalism.

Bonus – LinkedIn Profile Review:
LinkedIn is a vital tool for modern job seekers, often serving as the first point of contact for recruiters. Our service extends to optimising your LinkedIn profile, enhancing your visibility and appeal to potential employers.

Who Can Benefit:
• Individuals seeking constructive criticism and enhancement strategies for their CV and job search approach.

What Sets Us Apart:
• Tailored Approach: Our recommendations are personalised to your unique career goals and industry.
• Expertise: Benefit from the insights of seasoned recruiters with decades of experience across diverse sectors.
• UK-Based Team: Our team of writers and consultants is entirely UK-based, ensuring familiarity with local job market nuances.
• Accessible Support: Contact us via telephone during office hours (Monday to Friday)
• Secure Transactions: We process payments securely through PayPal, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

Ready to elevate your job search strategy? Schedule your CV review session today. Upload your CV on our website or email it directly to us at Let’s review your CV so that it opens doors to your perfect career.

Criteria Considered During Review:

Appropriate Margins
Bullet Points
Career Highlights
Contact Information
Digital File Format
Digital portfolio
Duration of Each Job
Employment Gaps
Header and Footer Usage
Industry Jargon

IT & Key Skills
Job Responsibilities
Job-specific keywords
Job Title Relevance
LinkedIn Profile
Logical Flow
Overall Aesthetics
Personal Data
Personal Interests
Professional Affiliations
Professional Training
Profile Summary
Quantifiable Results
Reason for leaving

Redundant Information
Relevance of Information
Salary Expectations
Security clearances
Social Media Links
Table Usage
Use of Action Verbs
Use of Fonts Bold, Italics, Underline
Use of Columns
Use of Graphs
Use of Infographics
Use of Industry Keywords
Use of Numbers
Use of Symbols
Voluntary Work
Work Experience

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