Preparing Your Business for the Build-up to Christmas

Preparing Your Business for the Build-up to Christmas

As we approach the end of November, there’s no getting away from the fact that Christmas is just around the corner. And after a couple of years of false starts, this year is set to be a big celebration. With many houses already proudly displaying their Christmas trees and Christmas lights being switched on around the country, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

But how does Christmas impact your business? And more importantly, are you ready? We share our top tips to prepare your business for the build-up to Christmas.

Covering Leave

It’s inevitable that employees will want to take leave this time of year. And after the last two years, employees may be keen to use their rolled-over holiday this year. If it’s typically a quiet time of year for your business this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. However, it’s all in the planning. Encourage employees to book their leave in advance. And, introduce a deadline for booking Christmas leave. This is one way to make sure leave is fair and you have time to arrange cover if needed.

If cover for certain roles is essential organise this as far in advance as possible. It’s the most sensible approach. Outside cover could be tricky to find at short notice, not to mention expensive. Drafting in current employees to cover extra tasks could be the best solution. But you’ll need to have arrangements and procedures in place in advance to make sure workload is fair and achievable. Christmas bonuses or prizes could be on offer to incentivise extra work over the Christmas period.

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Office Christmas Party Issues

Christmas parties can be great fun. However, they also create a melting pot of different personalities, built up workplace tensions and alcohol. All of which sometimes leads to trouble! Choosing and deciding on the venue and the type of event is the first hurdle. Keeping everyone happy, especially when there is a mixture of personalities and age groups isn’t always easy. Try a vote on a range of options or try a ‘two phase’ event. Perhaps with a Christmas lunch for everyone followed by drinks and some dancing for anyone who wants to keep the party going.


Having your Christmas party offsite is the best idea so any potential problems don’t occur on your business property. If you’re hiring out a venue, hiring caterers or entertainers make sure these are booked in early and that you have everything confirmed in writing or a contract. If you feel it’s necessary you could always update your employee handbook and send out a copy of the general code of conduct prior to the event, to cover anyone who’s likely to be caught near a photocopier or under the mistletoe!

A Change of Pace at Christmas

Unless your business is retail where the pace gets a lot quicker this time of year, the lead up to Christmas usually sees things winding down in the office. To avoid boredom or wasted time, use any spare time wisely. Have your employees clear out old files, organise databases and folders and get those jobs done that just keep falling off the to do list. These kind of tasks can be mundane, so add some festive spice to boring chores and offer rewards. Hold Christmas raffles, quizzes or advent calendars to brighten things up and boost motivation.

Snow Days

Do you have a winter weather policy? If the weather is really bad, do your employees know what the correct protocol is? The procedures should be emailed around at this time of year so everyone is clear on what to do. If a cold spell is forecast consider a plan for phone lines going down, pipes freezing up and transport being disrupted.

Planning is the key to most issues you’ll face this winter, and anytime in fact. Trying to foresee any potential issues will help things run smoothly. If you’d like help or advice with you staffing over the Christmas period you can get in touch with us here.

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