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Founded by James Toovey, a highly respected and experienced recruitment industry professional and established for 14 years, Langley James is the leading IT Recruitment Consultancy in London.

We pride ourselves on providing a specialised and tailored service to every one of our clients that keeps them coming back for more.  We don’t have to waste time canvassing for vacancies, so every minute of our time is spent finding you the perfect superstar to add to your business.  We are dedicated to ensuring your absolute satisfaction.

How do we achieve this?
It’s simple, every aspect of our business has been designed from your perspective.

  • We are here when you need us:  our opening hours are longer than other recruitment consultancies, 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday.
  • We provide you with your own dedicated client manager who will get to know both you and your company in depth.
  • We prioritise quality over quantity.  Rather than bombard you with unsuitable candidates, we make a simple promise: “We will find you 3 qualified candidates, in 3 days – guaranteed!”
  • We ensure our candidates are a perfect match to your business and requirements, not just the job title.
  • We don’t just rely on advertising vacancies: we maintain a database of over 50,000 contract and permanent candidates actively seeking a new opportunity.  Our consultants are also experts at head hunting professionals who are not available on the open market.

Who do we recruit?
Here at Langley James, we are not just IT Specialists.  Each of our consultants has an in depth knowledge of a specific area, be that in Development or Infrastructure.  This means that when you entrust us to look after your IT recruitment needs you will be given advice based on the latest in industry developments.  We also know how to listen, so we can find the ideal person to fit your exact requirements.  We ensure the candidates we select are not only qualified, but that they are perfect for you and your business.

Just a few of our recently filled roles include:

Leadership Roles            CIOs & CTOs – IT Directors – IT Managers – Project Managers

Development                   Analyst Developers – Chief Architects – Database Administrators

Infrastructure                  Business Analysts – Trainers – Senior Systems Engineers

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our clients have to say.

Langley James really took the time to work with me to understand my requirements. It was obvious they appreciated every business has specific needs. I did not receive a flood of CV’s but a carefully selected few. Interviewing can be a real pleasure when you get the right people through the door and a successful candidate was chosen from a competitive list.
IT Manager, Engineering Firm, London

And this is just one of our many happy clients – there are plenty more!  In fact, we have so many companies looking to take advantage of our boutique offering, that in the last 6 months we have doubled our headcount to ensure we continue to deliver service excellence and enable our clients to recruit someone worth recruiting.

Are you ready to recruit someone worth recruiting?
We’d love to discuss your IT recruitment needs and help you find your next superstar.  Please call us on 0207 099 4839 or email us at and one of our consultants will be happy to advise you.

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Is Sickness Making Your Business Ill?


Sickness absence has risen to 7.6 days per employee per year
Sick days cost UK businesses £29bn each year
The UK has the worst sickness absence rate in Europe
The average worker has faked sickness 4 times in their life
Employers are suspicious of over ½ of sickness claims

The cost of fraudulent sickness absence is too great to ignore.  In addition to the financial strain these liars place on your business, those left covering the work of their unscrupulous team mates are put under strain, ironically, increasing the risk of genuine illness due to stress.  However…

Presenteeism an Ever Present Danger

At the other extreme are the employees who always turn in no matter how ill they are.  As well as spreading illness to the rest of the team, these martyrs remain unproductive far longer than those who simply take a day off to recover.

  • Presenteeism costs UK businesses twice as much as absenteeism each year
  • Employees coming in to work ill are far more likely to make a costly mistake

Weed Out the Liars

Spotting the liars while keeping the genuinely ill safe at home in their beds can be a nightmare. So is gathering the evidence needed for disciplinary action.  Fortunately we have some tricks to help you.

Pattern Spot

Review a suspect’s absences over the last few months.  Are there any patterns?  Are Fridays or Mondays more prevalent showing a penchant for long weekends?  Software is also available for businesses to spot trends in absenteeism behaviour that may be missed, such as time taken off during school holidays.

Are the reasons given for absence weak or repeated?  Poor excuses are not as hard to spot as you might think.  What’s the best one you’ve been given?

Social Media Secrets

Many fakers have been caught out by updates on Facebook or Twitter revealing they are at the beach or a theme park when they are supposed to be at home in bed.  If you are suspicious it may be worth a look.  After all, even if the perpetrator doesn’t post a status themselves, they could still be tagged by someone else.

Welcome Back Chat

Many companies utilise a ‘Back to Work Interview’ for those returning after a sickness absence.  While checking those who have been genuinely ill are safe to recommence work, it also offers an opportunity to check ‘Fit Notes’ and delve a little deeper into any suspicious excuses.

Need to Cover Illness?

Here at Langley James, we know how to find the most vibrant and talented people available, from Web Developers to IT Managers and everyone in-between.  Many of these candidates are available for short term contract work with the flexibility to help cover medium to long term sickness absence.

Whatever your requirements, permanent or contract, and up to the highest level of seniority, we can match you with the ideal candidate.  To discuss your IT recruitment needs please call us on 0207 099 4839 or email us at

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