Top 4 Tips for Hiring the Right Employee in IT

Top 4 Tips for Hiring the Right Employee in IT

Hiring the right employee is key to the success of your business. But in a skills crisis you may find yourself having to be a little more flexible than in previous years. However, there are still some key things you need to look for when hiring.

Ability to produce results

This must come first! You want to hire an IT professional who can achieve the results your need. But how can you still achieve that in a skills short market? Maybe you’re fortunate enough to attract the candidate with the perfect skills and experience. We can help you do that.  However, in some circumstances, the perfect candidate may not exist. Then what? Focusing on that ability to do the job can help. If there’s a candidate that fits all the other criteria, but comes up alit short on experience, it can still work out. Thinking long-term can help you to build your team for the future. Ask yourself if your training plan could get the candidate up to speed within a short time. Could you train someone to do things your way? These candidates are usually the most committed and loyal meaning you cut your recruitment and training spend in the long run.

Fitting into the company culture

Regardless of your current working pattern, it’s key to hire people that fit into your company culture. Someone who thrives in your environment will stay with you longer. Focus on candidate who share your values. Those that care about the same things you do will get a greater sense of satisfaction in their work. Whilst every IT team needs varied personalities, having shared values can help with productivity too. Think about how this person will fit into your current team and the company as a whole.


Ambition is important when hiring the right employee

When we talk about ambition, we don’t just mean promotion. Ambition can also be to simply do a good job. Consider your business plan for the next 5 years. Will there be expansion or are you likely to stay consistent? Hiring someone into you team who has strong ambitions for progression won’t work if you’re not able to offer then this opportunity in the future. Whilst it will work for the short term, this person is likely to move on more quickly when another more senior role becomes available elsewhere. However, if you have ambitious growth plans and need people along for the ride, looking for people with ambition is key.

Enthusiasm and passion

Look for IT professionals who are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. Enthusiasm is a great trait in a new employee! Enthusiastic and outgoing employees are often the first to volunteer for new projects or help with things outside of their day job. So not only will you get more from your new hire, people who love what they do will stay longer.

Hiring the right employee with Langley James

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