BYOD: Have You Got Control?

Security, trust and your business on the line
80% of employees are now utilising ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) in the workplace according to a survey by MobileIron.  This means that even if you have the latest in security across your network, unless you have a BYOD policy in place, 50% of the devices used within your business are out of your control.

Even if you don’t officially allow personal devices to be used for work purposes, an individual’s preference for a certain device means that employees are likely to attempt to work around this.  This leaves your business open to a plethora of threats.

Sweep Those Threats Aside
When implemented and monitored correctly, BYOD can:

  • Reduce capital expenditure for hardware
  • Reduce support costs
  • Increase employee satisfaction

Follow our quick guide and take back control.

Issue:  Security
Devices are unlikely to have the same antivirus and firewall protection as the computers in your office.  This, coupled with the risk of loss or theft makes BYOD a volatile component of your business.  If data is exposed to an unauthorised person, it is your company that will be fined, not the employee at fault.  Are you leaving your business open to data-theft and hacking?

Solution:  You should ensure that all devices are logged with you and that appropriate security software is installed on each one.  Never allow a jail-broken or rooted device to access your network:  ensure a ‘minimum device requirement’ is written into the BYOD policy.  Check that your end-user is ‘tech-savvy’ enough to use the device safely:  if not, provide training.

Ensure that all ‘apps’ used for business purposes are licenced and that all team members have a secure locking system on their phone.  Are procedures in place should a device be lost or stolen?  For instance, ‘apps’ are available that will delete data if the incorrect passcode is entered too many times or locate a lost or stolen device and remotely erase sensitive data.

Issue:  Social Media Meltdown
It’s difficult to restrict access to social media on a team member’s personal device.  After last week’s Silk Road revelations, you may also have concerns about employees utilising the ‘dark web’ for illegal purposes via their devices, putting your business and reputation on the line.

Solution:  Put a Social Media Policy in place, outlining what is authorised on the device.  Alternatively, set up a specific Wi-Fi network for devices to connect to that restricts access to certain websites during the hours of work.  It is then possible to unblock certain websites for users who require access to perform their roles.

Issue:  Mixing Business & Pleasure
Devices are likely to be used for both business and personal purposes.  A device is likely to hold personal photos, emails, videos, text messages, emails and ‘apps’ which may be inappropriate or unlicensed, placing your company at risk.  There is also the danger of emails being sent without appropriate legal disclaimers at the bottom.

Solution:  Communication and education on the safe use of devices is crucial.  Implement a BYOD policy stating exactly how business should be conducted on the device and make staff aware of particular issues surrounding the use of devices.  Emphasise the need to keep company and personal data separate.  Don’t forget to check that your HR and legal policies allow for the storage of personal and business data on the same hardware: they may need amending.

Issue:  Trust
Just 30% of BYOD users trust their employer to keep their data private according to research by MobileIron.  Mistrust mainly arises from confusion about what an employer can see on a device with the biggest worry being that employers are monitoring their text messages or photos.

Solution:  Your BYOD policy should include details on exactly what the company has access to on each device.  Unless an individual is conducting personal business via a company email account, you should not need to access their personal data.  In fact you would need specific permission from the employee to do so, which can be revoked at any time.

The problem arises when a team member leaves your employment and you need to erase company data for security reasons.  However, there are ‘apps’ available which allow you to isolate company data and erase it remotely without accessing personal files.

Who’s Paying?
Who is paying for call and data costs for these devices?  Ensure there is a transparent and user-friendly policy in place for claiming back appropriate expenses.

Need someone new to take on the challenge?
Do you need a new team member, perhaps to take on new project such as implementing a BYOD policy?  Here at Langley James, we know how to find the most vibrant and talented IT professionals available.  Whatever your requirements, permanent or contract, and up to the highest level of seniority, we can find you the ideal candidate.  To discuss your IT recruitment needs please call us on 0207 099 4839 or email us at

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3 Superstar Candidate Traits

Must-have qualities and how to find them

Recruiting the right person into your team can sometimes seem like banging your head against a brick wall.  You think you’ve found perfection and then you are let down.  They had all the skills, they got on with the team but it didn’t work out and you’re back to square one of a lengthy, painful process.

The fantastic news is that there are 3 traits that all superstars have.  And they are easy to spot… if you know how.

1.  Integrity/Honesty
No matter how talented an individual is, it means nothing if they are using their skills to work against the company.  A superstar candidate is honest about their own abilities: CV embellishment is more common than you think.  Just last week, top city lawyer, Dennis O’Riordan was exposed as lying about most of his achievements, including earning a doctorate at Oxford and attending Harvard.  During his career he was Legal Head for many banks across the world.  Scary stuff, and a reason to ALWAYS check references.

A superstar candidate will have the integrity to always act in the best interests of the company.  If something has gone wrong, they will admit their mistakes as soon as they happen and care enough to produce an action plan to put things right and ensure it doesn’t happen again.  Compare this to an employee who hides their mistakes or incompetence until catastrophe strikes and they are found out.  You are unlikely to see them for dust while you are left scrambling for answers.

Ideal interview question:  Tell me about a time you made a mistake?  What happened next?

2.  Accountability/Autonomy
A superstar won’t need their lunch breaks monitoring and you won’t need to worry if they will have the correct documents with them at meetings.  A superstar is ready to be held accountable and won’t need constant supervision to get the job done.

When superstars take responsibility for a task, you know it will get done in time, and to an excellent standard, and if it doesn’t, you’ll have received a memo in advance with the reason (not an excuse) why and a revised timescale. A superstar can be flexible and prioritise.  If their skills can help a team member with something urgent, they will assist, because at that moment it is in the best interests of the company.

Ideal interview question:  Describe your preferred relationship with your manager in terms of direction and monitoring.

3.  Fearlessness/Ambition
A superstar isn’t afraid to take risks.  If their idea doesn’t work they won’t give up: you can expect another well thought out proposal on your desk by the end of the week. They will always be looking for opportunities to prove themselves and will not scrape by doing the bare minimum.  An ambitious candidate will be seeking long term professional development in your company and loyalty won’t be a problem for them.

Ideal interview question:  How long would it be until you were able to make a serious contribution to your organization?

We find talent
Here at Langley James we get to know our candidates.  We take pride in only selecting people that we are confident suit your company and the opportunity.  We place stars in fantastic IT roles every day and we can do the same for your company.

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Cloud Bust – 14 days to find new cloud vendor

Risk of data being washed away
What happens when clouds burst into thin air?

Chaos was rife over the last fortnight as Nirvanix, a reputable, 6-year-old Cloud Provider gave clients 14 days to find a new supplier or lose their data.

In 2 weeks the companies involved had to:

  • Source a Cloud Provider with a similar environment
  • Transfer all data to the new supplier
  • Arrange and pay for supervised overtime for teams to complete the task
  • Shut down and lose business as data was locked due to transfer
  • Test the accessibility of all the data

Data STILL at risk
At massive cost, the companies involved managed to transfer their data to a new provider by 30thSeptember… but the problems haven’t even stopped there.  Nirvanix still has to dispose of the data they have held.  As the leased servers are returned to their owners, if the hardware is not destroyed, there is a risk that data may not be erased completely leaving the companies open to data theft.

Unregulated and high-risk
The ‘Cloud’ industry is completely unregulated.  Anyone with spare space on their server can start a Cloud business.  A company may appear to be British but your data could be held anywhere in the world, putting you at risk of breach of data protection laws.  As the last fortnight’s events have shown, your data is at risk with even the most reputable of companies.  You may have a contract with a Cloud Provider, but once that company ceases to be, the contract is null and void.

Safe as houses
The safest place to keep your data is in-house.  You are in charge of its protection and maintenance. Any changes, for instance due to advances in technology can be dealt with on your timescales.  IT professionals working within your team have a personal investment in protecting and caring for your company’s data.  After all, if something were to go wrong, it would be their reputations (and jobs) on the line.

Thinking of bringing it home?
Here at Langley James, we know how to find the most vibrant and talented IT professionals available, from Web Developers to IT Managers and everyone in-between.  Not only can we help you add the latest superstar to your ranks, we also have experience of in-sourcing, including recruiting whole new teams.

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IT: The Second Coming

The future is here: and it’s you

The masses are panicking: you’re taking their jobs.  Technology is taking over the world, from Supermarket Self-Service Checkouts to Smart Phones.

Should you feel guilty?  Of course not!  Now is the time to feel pride:  Information Technology saves lives, increases safety, educates people, enhances communication and has revolutionised healthcare.  Let’s celebrate the bright future of IT by looking at just a few of the amazing developments that are happening right now.

Robotic pack mules
These tough, bullet-proof robots can carry 400lb of supplies over 20 miles (or up to 24hrs).  This innovation has the potential to significantly ease the physical burden on the military.  $10,000,000 has just been invested in developing a silent model for use in stealth missions, as well as increasing defences to the head area of the mule, where the majority of the sensors are.

Driverless cars
Thanks to developments in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), driverless cars are becoming a reality.  They are already being tested (under engineer supervision) and could be seen on the roads by 2020.  Imagine a car that could drop you off at the shops, and then pick you up when you instruct it to with your smart phone app.  Potentially, traffic accidents could be eliminated as this technology advances.  Could 1st line support take over from the AA?

Self-Healing machines
The emergence of Industrial Internet has made it possible to develop machines with Artificial Intelligence, capable of interacting with data, other machines and end users, to self-diagnose and correct themselves.   A report issued by GE predicts that this technology could add €2.2 trillion to European GDP by 2030.

Robotic surgery
The precision of robots has made medical surgery an ideal area to develop their use.  However, human decision-making is still superior to a robot’s when it comes to surgery.  At Imperial College, London, they are solving this problem by developing a technique called “perceptual docking”, where the eye movements of the surgeon are tracked to teach robots the cognitive and decision-making processes involved in surgery.  This has exciting implication for the future of surgery.

Massive growth in IT but where are the people?

All these developments mean that there will be increased demand for IT professionals for a long time to come.  In addition to the superstars needed to develop the technology, experts will be required to maintain and care for the systems as well as train others in their use.  This means you will need to work hard to secure the talent you need.

Here at Langley James we know how to find the most talented, vibrant IT professionals available, from Developers and Designers to Project Managers and IT Directors.  Whatever your requirements, permanent or contract, and up to the highest level of seniority, we can match you with the ideal candidate to help your business grow.  To discuss your IT recruitment needs please call us on 0207 099 4839 or email us at

What are you excited about?
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