Trick Or Treat

Trick or Treat?

Halloween can be an enjoyable time of year or a very scary time for others… a lot like recruitment! The uncertainty of not knowing if your new hire is going to be a trick or a treat can be a worrying time for many.

As a Recruitment Agency we hope that they are all sugary filled sweets.  However, embarking on a recruitment campaign without fully vetting your candidates can lead to a nightmare situation further down the line.

To avoid any ghastly surprises we have some top tips to help you work out if your new hire has any skeletons lurking in their closet.


Don’t just conduct an interview because it’s the “done thing” to do, the parameters of interviews are constantly changing and are becoming less and less of the old corporate and let’s be honest occasionally boring interview style.

Revamp your interview techniques, something new and exciting because the age old question of “What is your weakest skill” has been batted around for far too long!

Use the time to get to know your candidate, even if you aren’t working with them directly.  Get to know their personality, as we all know everyone is on their best behaviour for an interview.

We’re not saying go all out and ask Taboo Interview questions but take the time to understand how they tick, their likes and dislikes.

Scenario based questions are a fantastic way of seeing how your potential new hire would handle a situation- Does their answer send shivers down your spine or make you want to shout joy from the rooftops?

Meet the Team

A vital part of a recruitment campaign is your candidate meeting the rest of the team. Your current team are the heart of what you do ensuring that the ghost train keeps on moving.  Is this new hire going be a chink in the track or that extra bag of much needed coal to help you steam on ahead?

Your candidate will feel more relaxed around a team environment as these current aliens will show your new hire the ropes. With any luck ET may have finally made it home in your team.

By meeting the team you can see how they interact with colleagues and how well they fit in.

Trial Day

Trial days generally go one of two ways, brilliantly or a complete disaster. This is because it allows you to see how the candidate reacts to real life situations in your business.  It can be hard for a candidate to get the time off for a trial day.  If they can go for it, what have you got to lose?

On the rare occasion a new hire turns into a disaster, don’t knock your own judgement, they could be one of the best actors you have ever met!

(Queue ghostbusters music) Who you gonna call? Langley James and let us find you “Someone Worth Recruiting”.