Should you Recruit Before Christmas?

Should you Recruit Before Christmas?

Should you recruit before Christmas? It’s a question, no doubt, on a lot of hiring managers’ minds right now. Do you wait until the New Year? Or do you go out to market now? Which is more likely to give you the best IT candidates?

You may think that candidates turn off in December. That they are focused on the festivities and waiting for the new year. new job bug. But is that right? Our consultants share their top 3 benefits of recruiting before Christmas.

There are more candidates to choose from

Yes, believe it or not, there are more candidates available in December for IT roles that we’ve seen over the last few months. We are speaking to candidates every day who are keen to secure their dream IT job before Christmas. They want to start 2023 with a renewed sense of excitement and a chance to make their mark in a new role. Read our 4 Tips on Hiring the Right Employee in IT for more tips.

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Less competition if you recruit before Christmas

There’s a lot of excitement around Christmas this year after what the world has experienced over the last 18 months or so. And that can mean that whilst some companies are focused on Christmas Parties and festive celebrations, you can get ahead by continuing to recruit. Many companies press the pause button on hiring new employees over the Christmas period and postpone for the New Year. We take it they have little experience of the benefits of Christmas recruits! It can also mean that you don’t get caught into paying a higher salary than originally budgeted as candidates may not be in the process with as many companies. You can see the latest average salaries in our IT Salary Guides that we produce each month.

Start the New Year ahead

Waiting until January to recruit can mean that you are waiting until March for someone new to start! The first week of January isn’t the best time to be advertising a new job. It takes the nation a couple of weeks to get back into the pre-Christmas flow of things. That means that you’re not likely to be making offers until the end of January and with 1 month notice, this takes you to March. Why wait? By recruiting now, you can interview and offer before Christmas meaning your new starter can be with you before January is out.

Here’s where we can offer a helping hand to help you recruit before Christmas….

We understand that you may be busy finishing off projects for the year, and recruitment may not be in your plans. However, we can do the hard work for you and find high calibre candidates ideal for your workplace. Share your IT vacancies with us and will find the very best candidates for you. We will supply a shortlist of exceptional candidates that are all ready for interview.

Christmas is the time of giving, and we are ready to help both candidates and clients with their IT recruitment needs!