6 Reasons to Choose Langley James as Your IT Recruitment Partner
Sep 7, 2021
6 Reasons to Choose Langley James as Your IT Recruitment Partner
Sep 7, 2021

With vacancies above pre-pandemic levels and unemployment at an almost record low, it’s important to choose your IT recruitment partner carefully. You need to partner with someone who knows the market. Someone who knows how to find excellent candidates in times of a skills shortage. Not all recruiters are the same! Yes, there’s some basic principles we all stick to, but that’s not enough right now!

Here’s just some of the reasons why our clients choose us as their IT Recruitment Partner. We can…

…help you budget

Wouldn’t you rather work with an IT recruitment partner who has the market insight to ensure you attract the best candidates? And that you have the right amount in your budget to do so? We don’t just recruit for our clients, we share information on latest salaries, candidate availability and more! Each month, we produce a full IT salary guide showing the latest salaries and day rates for the most popular IT roles. We share the monthly increases and decreases for your area so you can see exactly what’s happening in the market.

Our salary guides can help you when scoping costs and budgets for new IT Projects, expanding a team, or comparing salaries in a competitive marketplace to ensure your remuneration is aligned accordingly.

We currently produce salary guides for UK, London, Yorkshire and the North West. But we can produce bespoke reports on request. So, if you want to know if you are allocating the right budget before you start the recruitment process, get in touch with us today.

…help you plan

We know that recruitment is something that gets added to an already pretty impressive to do list. So you need an IT recruitment partner who you can trust to manage the whole process for you.

When we register a vacancy order from you, we make sure that we understand your unique circumstances, your challenges, your organisation, your team, your culture and what the future looks like. Then you can leave it to the experts. When we work on a role, we do so on a project basis. Your dedicated resourcer will agree a campaign start and end date with you meaning that you will receive a full, qualified shortlist of candidates. We find that our clients prefer to work in this way rather than being drip fed CVs throughout the campaign. It’s a much more effective way of planning your time and also keeping the candidates engaged.

So not only do we ensure shortlists of qualified candidates are delivered in a timely manner, but we can also arrange interviews are to suit your agenda. And once you’ve chosen your perfect candidate we can look after everything from delivering the offer and confirming acceptance to negotiating start dates and helping candidates with resignations.


…be the IT recruitment partner that gives you peace of mind

We understand that there’s always a risk when it comes to recruiting new members of your team. And that’s why we have an industry leading guarantee to help give you peace of mind. Whilst we, (and you) do everything we can to help prevent any issues, sometimes things just don’t work out. Our guarantee means that should the worst happen, we’ve got you covered. We will replace your candidate with no charge up to 3 months after they start.

With the market as it is right now, working with an IT recruitment partner that can not only find the best candidates, but also give you peace of mind is imperative.

Ask our team for more information on our guarantee today.

…help with writing job descriptions

We know what you need on your job description to help attract the best candidates. But don’t worry, we won’t just leave you to get on with it if you need help.

Not only should each employee have a clear job description as part of the HR process, crafting the perfect job description can actually help you to secure the best talent.  But it’s not just that! A poor job description, or none at all could actually be preventing you from hiring the best IT talent.

Often, candidates will ask to see a job description before they confirm that their CV can be sent. We help make sure that you’re presenting the best version of your company and your job to keep their interest.

…make things simple with automatic billing for contractors

Hiring a contractor shouldn’t mean lots of additional admin. We keep things simple with automatic billing. All you need to do is simply authorise a weekly timesheet and we’ll do the rest. We’ll organise payment to the contractor and ensure all the necessary legislation is adhered to.

Our self billing agreements with contractors makes it easy for them too. With invoices and payment automatically created from timesheet approval, it speeds up the payment process, reducing administration for everyone.

…use our years of experience to find the best candidates

Did you know that Langley James has been helping companies to recruit someone worth recruiting for over 20 years? We take our role seriously and are ISO accredited which ensures quality in our procedures. Our years of experience (some of our recruiters have over 25 years’ experience!), means that we know our market!

Since opening in 1999, we have been consistently improving our processes to make sure that we provide the very best service possible. Here’s just some of the ways we’ve done this –

  • We’ve been building our database for over 20 years. This means that we know a lot of people who may not necessarily be available on the open market. These are candidates that trust us with their IT career and know that we will approach them with any suitable roles
  • We use a large selection of job boards. Our investment in job boards is one of the largest in the market. We are always monitoring the effectiveness of the boards that we use and are constantly testing new boards. We use both general and IT specific boards to help ensure the greatest reach for your vacancy.
  • We’re highly active on social media. And we don’t just use LinkedIn like most other agencies do. We also know how to get the best from Facebook and Twitter too. We were one of the first agencies to utilise social media to find you the best candidates – that a look for yourself – @ITRecruitment

Choose Langley James as your IT recruitment partner today.


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