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Outsourcing Services MeetingAt Langley James, we curate an extensive network of highly qualified IT contract professionals ready to help companies succeed and achieve business-critical goals with Recruitment. 




For over 20 years, Langley James has worked with amazing businesses, to recruit exceptional talent across the UK. Today, we work with ambitious, city-based organisations to recruit exceptionally talented tech professionals. We connect exciting opportunities to the best, most suitable, and highly effective people.

Our clients hire the very best talent, fast and effectively, so they can seize the moment.

Why Langley James IT Recruitment?

Our strongest asset is our incredible recruitment consultants who intelligently scout out exceptional talent for businesses across the UK. 

Technical Expertise 

We take pride in our 20 years of experience within the IT sector and our ability to establish your requirements and find a candidate with the necessary skills and expertise you are looking for.

Success that is Guaranteed

We work closely with businesses to find exceptional talent for various job placements. However, if the candidate doesn’t suit your business requirements, you are backed by our 100%, 3-month rebate guarantee.

We work to deadlines 

At Langley James, we work to deadlines and tailor our candidate search for your specific requirements. We complete a unique campaign for every role, every time, helping you recruit someone worth recruiting.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our recruitment consultants’ ability to efficiently find the best pool of candidates on the market. We can then feed this back to employees instantly, as opposed to slowly presenting them with a new candidate per week. This maximizes efficiency and gives you the ideal pool of talent in the fastest time possible.

Assess to more IT professionals 

Our IT recruitment consultants can provide much-needed manpower when your plate is full. They can outsource some of the hard work and much of the admin associated with the recruitment process, saving you time and money. At Langley James, our recruitment consultants will also handle the more uncomfortable parts of the recruitment process, such as liaising with rejected candidates.

Based in the UK, our IT recruitment agency provides you with access to a range of private networks of IT specialists. We can also scout some of the best and talented IT professionals to help your business excel. 

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