Don’t Miss the Entra Evolution (Formerly Azure AD)
Jan 30, 2024
Don’t Miss the Entra Evolution (Formerly Azure AD)
Jan 30, 2024

Don’t Miss the Entra Evolution (Formerly Azure AD)

Brace yourselves for the Entra wave. Microsoft’s recent rebranding of Azure Active Directory (AAD) is more than just a name change; it’s a strategic shift signaling their dominance in modern identity and access management. But here’s the catch: if you’re still searching for “Azure AD” expertise, you’re missing out on top talent.

Why Entra Matters:

  • Clarity Over Confusion: Remember the constant battles explaining the difference between AAD and on-premises Active Directory? Entra solves that!
    It acts as a clear differentiator, separating cloud-based Entra ID from the on-premises solution. This attracts candidates who understand modern security and can seamlessly navigate both worlds.
  • Multicloud Masters Wanted: Forget single-cloud limitations. Organizations are embracing multicloud environments, and Entra reflects this shift by supporting identity and access management across various cloud platforms and operating systems. Showcasing your Entra awareness positions you as an employer who understands the future of cloud security and attracts talent equipped to handle it.
  • Security Savvy Superstars: In today’s threat landscape, top IT talent prioritises strong security practices. Highlighting your understanding of Entra demonstrates your commitment to modern security solutions, attracting candidates with expertise in granular permissions, adaptive multi-factor authentication, and advanced threat detection. These skills are crucial for thriving in today’s complex security landscape.
  • Future-Proof Your Talent Pool: While Azure knowledge remains valuable, solely focusing on it limits your options. Embracing Entra opens doors to candidates with broader identity and access management expertise, regardless of their Azure AD experience. This future-proofs your hiring strategy and ensures you attract talent who can adapt to evolving technologies.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Many haven’t caught up to the Entra wave. Demonstrating your understanding sets you apart as a forward-thinking employer who values innovation, attracting talent seeking companies at the forefront of security solutions.

Beyond the Name Change:

Don’t just stop at the name. Dive deeper into the Entra family of products, understand their unique features and benefits, and connect them to your specific organisational needs. This allows you to ask insightful interview questions, identify candidates who align with your security vision, and build a team prepared for future challenges.

Remember, recruiting isn’t just about filling positions – it’s about building a future-proof IT team. By embracing Entra and its implications, you can attract top talent equipped to navigate the dynamic security landscape and ensure your organisation stays ahead of the curve. So, don’t just look for “Azure AD”; actively seek “Entra” expertise and unlock the potential of your future IT team!






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