The Truth About IT Contractors
May 29, 2024
The Truth About IT Contractors
May 29, 2024

IT contractors could be just what you need right now.  As business needs change and fluctuations are more difficult to forecast than previous years, it can be hard to get your headcount right. With the changes we have all seen over the last 12 months, many companies are looking to introduce new technology to support the new way of working. If you, like many others, have additional projects on your to do list this year, an IT contractor is the perfect solution. These projects may also be combined with an increased output and you need more hands-on deck to keep your customers happy. There may be a new piece of work that has come as a surprise and you need more help last minute.

For all these reasons and more – experience the benefits of hiring an IT contractor.

IT contractors are perfect for project work

We understand that IT projects aren’t undertaken on a whim and very often have both time and cost restraints. Getting it right first time and within budget is vital to your business.  We know that you could re-assign someone within your existing team to carry out your new project. And this does work for some companies. However, entrusting something so important to someone who may not necessarily have all of the skills or specific experience comes with risks.   We also know that you could hire someone permanent, but this may not be sustainable once the project is completed. This is where IT contractors are the perfect solution!

Hiring IT contractors to gain access to new skills

An IT contractor will have amassed a huge array of skills and experience from previous contracts. And you can tap in to all these skills. Hiring an IT contractor means that they can bring experience from previous jobs that may be of real value to you.  Maybe they’ve worked on a project that’s of particular interest.  Or, they could have even worked for a competitor! The advantage to you is not just access to the skillset either. With a wealth of experience in similar projects, your IT contractor will be able to start the project quickly without too much set up time.

We have been recruiting IT Contractors and permanent IT staff for over 19 years. We have access to an extensive network of experienced contractors. Let us know all about the project and we will find you an expert IT contractor who has the experience of undertaking that specific project.

IT worker

Save LOTS of time!

Working with an IT contractor when it comes to project work is a real time saver.  And it’s not only by saving you from having to trawl through the 100’s of applications you could receive if you advertised a vacancy.  It’s reference checking, eligibility to work, payroll and everything else in-between! These are all things that we will complete for you when you hire an IT contractor.

The main benefits of hiring IT contractors

Whilst there are many benefits to hiring an IT contractor, we want to highlight the main ones –

  • IT contractors can work out more cost effective than a permanent employee.
  • Only pay for the work completed
  • No additional cost of holiday pay, sick pay, pension or NI
  • You don’t even need to supply them with a desk or a laptop
  • IT contractors are available immediately, so no waiting for notice periods or risking counter-offers
  • You agree project deliverables and deadlines prior to commencing the work
  • You do not have to supervise an IT contractor – saving you time!
  • Complete peace of mind when it comes to costs. Everything is agreed up front, so there’s no hidden surprises.


Why use Langley James?

At Langley James, we have the skills, experience, and market knowledge to help you and your company recruit the most qualified IT contract specialists. Our established IT Contract division can source candidates skilled in all mainstream and niche technologies in any area of the UK. And no need to worry about IR35 either. We will be with you every step of the way to make it as simple as possible.

Get in touch with our expert team today for a confidential consultation on 0207 788 6600

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