10 Reasons to Celebrate – and to Adapt
Nov 7, 2013
10 Reasons to Celebrate – and to Adapt
Nov 7, 2013

10 reasons why leading in IT is getting exciting

Exciting times are upon us.  The economy is moving and it is IT that has taken the lead.  Employment growth is greater in IT than in any other industry according to the ‘Tech Monitor UK Report’.  And the buzz in the world of the CIO is that next year is set to be even bigger!

  • IT budgets are back to pre-recession levels!  What better time to implement exciting new projects?
  • Are you increasingly seeing your role as becoming more strategic?  It’s time to embrace the chance to control the application of technology to innovate and improve every area of your business.  And with increased collaboration between departments being seen more in the UK than anywhere else according to a survey of 2029 CIOs, there is a fantastic chance of success.
  •  2013 has been a year of rapid change and advancements in technology.  Time to adapt systems and perfect the application of new technology.  It’s time to select what really works out of the mass of new developments.
  • UK Tech Companies are feeling confident! Most plan expansion of their teams even further over the next year.  Are you?  And of course, an influx of new talent means new ideas, new skills and even more scope for progress.
  • Schools are set to spend more on technology in 2014 than ever before.  This is great news for everyone supplying technology or support – but even better for the future of an industry reliant on inspiring the superstars of the future.
  • IT projects that support employee productivity look set to be a priority for businesses next year.  Great news for departmental collaboration and shows that IT Departments truly are respected as the people who can provide innovation throughout every team.
  • The emerging ‘Internet of Everything’ will see billions more devices with internet connectivity, from fridges to cars over the next year and beyond.
  • Innovators are using 3D printers to turn computer data into physical objects that could change your life.  Whether it’s Industry or Medicine, 3D printing is set to increase by 275% over the next 2 years.
  • Businesses are increasingly planning how to control ‘Big Data’.  With multiple systems needing to be tied together to achieve this, IT experts will be in demand.
  • The rapid growth in IT has been recognised.  100 ‘London Visas’ to attract ‘Top Tech Talent’ to the UK have been proposed.  While this may not be enough to combat the current skills shortage in IT, indications are that this may be expanded in the future.  In the meantime, the need to act fast to grab talent is still very much with us.

There truly has never been a better time for IT Departments to impact on every area of business.

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