Try Before you Buy
Nov 5, 2018
Try Before you Buy
Nov 5, 2018

Avoid ‘Zombie’ Employees: Use Contractors

Confidence is up but where are my team?

Move at lightning speed to secure the permanent candidates you want.  Quality candidates are getting harder to find as demand overtakes supply.

The wrong choice of candidate can manifest as the stuff of nightmares… the ‘zombie’ employee.  Completely disengaged with you and your business and with the motivation and company loyalty of a slug, ‘zombie’ employees can cost you money, time and reputation, not to mention raising your stress to the level of a volcano about to erupt.  

Massive Losses
40% of companies in the UK estimate that a mis-hire has cost them over £16,000 while a quarter estimate the figure at over £30,000.  Even losses of over £100,000 are being reported.

But quality hires are being snapped up as fast as they appear.  What can you do to avoid a potentially professionally fatal ‘zombie’ attack?

Zombie Insurance
You have two choices when it comes to ‘zombie slaying ’.  You can act fast and snatch the talent from above the waiting arms of your competitors… or you can find peace of mind by utilising some of the most flexible and talented of IT professionals: Contractors.

Benefits of utilising a Contractor
– Many may accept a permanent role
– Available on a short or long-term basis – from a few days to 2 or 3 months
– Motivated and inspired by new challenges
– Experience working in many different environments
– Fresh ideas and industry knowledge into your team
– Short-term, low risk commitment
– Utilising a Contractor is a great idea while you make decisions on the future of a role

We can help
Here at Langley James, we know how to find the most vibrant and talented IT professionals available, from Web Developers to IT Managers and everyone in-between.  Many of these candidates are available for short term contract work.

Whatever your requirements, permanent or contract, and up to the highest level of seniority, we can match you with the ideal candidate.

To discuss your IT recruitment needs please call us on 0207 099 4839 or email us at

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