Outplacement Support For Vulnerable Employees
Jul 14, 2020
Outplacement Support For Vulnerable Employees
Jul 14, 2020

How can you help support employees leaving your business

Possibly looking to downsize your workforce. So, what can you do as an employer to support those leaving your business?

Making people redundant is never easy, and when you have loyal individuals who have been with you for a long time, you probably want to give them as much help as you can.  

One way to do this is to provide them with outplacement support – help in the form of CV writing, job hunting, interview guidance, self-employment, or even retirement planning.  You may be experienced in these areas and want to provide this help yourself, but the uneasiness of the situation means few employees will take up your offer as they feel uncomfortable over the situation. 

Kubler-Ross Change Curve in Business

Employees feel a range of emotions, plotted out by Kubler-Ross – an American psychologist.  She highlighted the changes in emotions and the rollercoaster of feelings they may be experiencing, with at the very worst apathy and depression creeping in.

Self-doubt is often the route cause of this most extreme feeling.  When an employee sends out a CV to over 50 companies and they do not even get a reply from any, they lose self-confidence and feel as if they have no future. But the reality is that their CV is not highlighting what an employer is looking for or they are not up to speed on modern job-hunting techniques. Consequently, they need professional guidance.

Kubler-Ross's Transition Curve For Busienss

Outplacement Providers To Support Employees

Modern job hunters often do not realise that recruiters in 2020 spend as little as 15 seconds reading a CV.  A survey conducted by ‘The Times’ highlighted for school leavers is even less: 8.8 seconds.  

Also, candidates found on CV databases (including LinkedIn) fill over 60% of the vacancies with only 20% of jobs these days being commercially advertised.

Going back 15 years we talked about the ‘hidden job market’. 25% of jobs were being filled by speculative approaches, 25% of vacancies through networking.  There is a new hidden job market that modern-day job hunters need to guide through.  

To really help employees who are exiting your business, it is often best to bring in independent but qualified individuals to; work with your existing staff, listen to their fears, be non-judgemental, and above all, be supportive and practical.

Langley James has recently teamed up with an established outplacement provider who has supported several thousand job hunters back into work and can now provide your staff with the support they need to move forward. Their practical and straight forward approach quickly focuses on job hunt activity, with their consultants taking a very ‘hands-on’ approach, rewriting or even writing from scratch a CV, optimising CV for CV sifting software used on CV databases.  

In a recent CIPD survey, it highlighted that over 60% of employers now use interview competency (behavioural) based questions.  Their consultants are all highly experienced interviewers and able to help individuals build up scenario-based answers prior to interviews, feeding back on both content and structure of S.T.A.R. based answers.  

Operating both the UK and the Republic of Ireland, they are currently providing their support online using screen-sharing technology.  The level of online support they are giving is as good as their consultant sitting beside an individual, but a lot safer for both concerned. If you would like more information please get in contact by filling in your personal details in our form below and our team will be happy to help… 

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