Boozy Brits pose security threat to UK businesses
Dec 2, 2013
Boozy Brits pose security threat to UK businesses
Dec 2, 2013

Results from a recent report conducted by IT security firm TrendMicro reveals a shocking culture of carelessness among the UK population with regards to their attitude towards their work devices.

Out of the 2,500 UK Citizens that took part in the report, a shocking 52% reported losing a phone or other mobile device that contained sensitive work data with 27% having lost up to 3 work devices.

Compare those figures to only 11% of those surveyed losing their personal smartphone device and it indicates not only a careless attitude, but also a lack of awareness around the reputation and financial cost to businesses when sensitive data is stolen.  In fact, 47% don’t worry much or at all about losing client or customer details and 55% don’t worry much or at all about losing intellectual property.

Over half were out drinking when their devices were lost or stolen and with Christmas around the corner and the festivities already underway, surely this is set to increase over the coming weeks.

26% of devices were lost or stolen on London Underground with 25% of those using Central and District lines.

And it doesn’t stop there!

  •  25% of people have emailed sensitive work data to the wrong person
  • 31% use WiFi hotspots regularly with 56% never or rarely checking security levels
  • 57% didn’t even set up a password lock on their device

Should IT departments be concerned?  Absolutely!

The report highlighted that 29% were not even sure what to do to protect their data if the device was lost or stolen and only 10% said that they would notify the IT department if this happened.

This careless culture is endemic to UK businesses, leaving them vulnerable to intrusion from cyber-criminals looking to acquire data for financial gain.

Education is required to help employees understanding the importance of protecting corporate data and also the protocol for notifying you should a breach occur.

Written by Lucy Rawes, Operations Director

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