Hit the ground running with your January recruiting
Dec 19, 2023
Hit the ground running with your January recruiting
Dec 19, 2023



January will be a time for renewed recruitment efforts as businesses look to build their teams for the year ahead. However, the challenge of finding the best candidates can be daunting. In this blog, we will explore the potential benefits of taking a light-hearted approach to interviews, providing a more relaxed and human experience for both candidates and interviewers.

The Traditional Interview Process

The typical structure of interviews often involves formal and rigid questioning, which can create a tense and pressure-filled environment for candidates. This approach can hinder a candidate’s ability to showcase their true abilities and personality, impacting their performance in the interview.

The Benefits of a Light-Hearted Approach

By taking a light-hearted approach to interviews, interviewers can create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for candidates. This can help candidates to showcase their personality and creativity, and encourage more authentic and genuine responses.

Changing the Tempo of the Interview

Introducing icebreaker questions and incorporating humour and light-hearted conversation can help to ease tension and allow for more natural and organic conversation to flow throughout the interview.

Tips for Implementing a Light-Hearted Approach

To implement a light-hearted approach, it’s important to set the tone from the beginning and use open-ended questions to encourage storytelling and engagement. It’s also crucial to balance professionalism with a relaxed atmosphere to ensure the interview remains structured and focused.

The Impact on Candidate Selection

A more light-hearted approach can lead to a more accurate assessment of candidates’ abilities and fit for the role, as well as attracting top talent who appreciate a more human approach to the interview process. This approach can also have a positive impact on company culture and employee satisfaction.

Case Studies and Examples

There are numerous success stories of companies that have adopted a light-hearted approach to interviews, resulting in more engaged and satisfied employees. Testimonials from candidates who have appreciated a more relaxed interview experience also demonstrate the benefits of this approach. Here’s some example ideas, that might assist in the lightening of the mood during your interview.

What song best describes your work ethic?

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

If you could pick two celebrities to be your parents who would you choose?

What sort of kitchen utensil would you be?


It’s clear that finding the best candidates can be achieved through a more human and light-hearted approach to interviews. By changing the tempo of interviews, there is the potential for a positive impact on the recruitment process and company culture, ultimately leading to better results and happier employees.




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