8 Reasons to Hire an IT Contractor
Mar 14, 2023
8 Reasons to Hire an IT Contractor
Mar 14, 2023

Is it time for your business to hire an IT contractor? With a continuously shrinking talent pool and an increasing demand for talent, it can mean that recruiting the perfect permanent candidate takes longer than before. But your business still needs to succeed. What isn’t being achieved whilst you are waiting for the right candidate. What impact is that having on your business. In a perfect world, you’d wait for the right IT candidate, but if we’ve learnt anything from the past few years, we do not live in a perfect world.

However, there are positives. The changing needs of organisations and employees alike has resulted in more IT candidates moving to non-standard employment. The quality and diversity of IT talent makes the contract market an attractive prospect for many employers. So if you are still waiting to find the perfect candidate, or have a need for a specific talent as soon as possible, it may be time to hire an IT contractor.

8 key reasons to hire an IT contractor

  • Less risk. As many as 60% of new hires are not working out to some degree, according to the latest research! And when a bad hire costs businesses, on average, around £114,000 per employee, it’s a risk a lot of businesses can’t afford to take. Especially in the current market. When you hire an IT contractor, it mitigates the risk of bringing in a poor hire and the associated costs.
  • Perfect for projectsMost projects, whether one off, or ongoing, need access to a particular set of skills. If you don’t currently have the skills in house and you are unable to secure the right permanent candidate, it’s time to hire an IT contractor.  It may be that you have a short-term project and don’t have the budget, or the on-going work to hire a permanent. More on budget later.
  • Specialist skills. If there is a skills gap in your current team, you can hire an IT contractor to plug that gap. By hiring a contractor, you can maintain the quality of work while an employee is away from the business. Whether that be extended sick leave, parental leave, or resignation. Hiring an IT contractor is a quick way to enable you to continue with business as usual.
  • Ease workload. When someone leaves your team, who picks up the additional workload? Your current team. This can put additional strain on your existing team members and can even result in additional resignations. Reduce the likelihood of this when you hire a contractor.

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  • Tap into a fresh perspective. Most of the time, when you hire a contract, you tap into a huge amount of expertise. Having someone in your team who has a lot of experience working for multiple companies can really be more beneficial than you realise. Using their past experiences, they can bring new and exciting things to your business, meaning you could be in a position to tap into this a fast-track certain areas of growth.
  • Flexibility. If you have a project that needs completing, or you are experiencing a temporary increase in work, an IT contractor could be the perfect answer. Also, if you suddenly have a drop in demand, you don’t have to continue to use the services on a contractor. This can save your business money by only paying for the services of a contractor when you need them.
  • Cost savings. Yes, it’s true that contractor rates are usually more expensive than a permanent salary. However, it can still work out cheaper to hire a contractor. With a contractor, the daily rate is all you pay. There’s no paying into pensions or other benefits. It gives a certainly of cost so works particularly well if you have a set budget.
  • Speed. Most IT contractors are available at short notice and are ready and prepared to start work. No more waiting for notice periods, where literally anything can happen. With the market as it is, there are many candidates being offered multiple jobs in IT and this makes the notice period an unnerving time. Reduce that risk and get someone in place quickly when you hire an IT contractor.

Using Langley James to hire an IT contractor.

We can supply you with an expert IT contractor, within budget, to carry out your project to a strict timeframe. Giving you peace of mind by knowing the exact cost of the project from the outset. And allowing day to day IT operations to carry on as seamlessly as possible.

Let us find you an expert IT Contractor who not only has the t-shirt but is going back to remake the film.  Now is a great time to get on with those projects that have been hanging around and getting specialist contractors has never been cheaper than it is now. You can buy in an expert who can turn a project around to a set schedule and budget.

We have been recruiting IT contractors and permanent IT staff since 1999. We have an extensive network of experienced contractors as result. Get in touch with our expert team today to find out more about hiring an IT contractor today.

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