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Langley James’ IT Jobs Market Reviews give business leaders valuable monthly insights into the jobs market in the UK.

Each month, we report on the number of permanent and contract placements, IT vacancies, IT staff availability and salaries.

View the latest IT Jobs Market Review below. Published date 07.08.23

Latest IT Jobs Market Review

July jobs report
Money Salary Guide

Latest Salaries

Langley James salary and contract rate guides enable companies and job seekers alike to benchmark their current remuneration against industry standards. This allows you as an employer to gain an accurate understanding of what you should pay your employees. 


Top Skills

We all know that every different job requires unique skills. Our salary guide highlights a list of job occupations within the IT industry and any fluctuations in their salary over the past 12 months.

market trends

Market Trends

Our IT recruitment consultants are specialists in their fields. They speak to an extensive range of businesses at all seniority levels, keeping an eye on market trends. In order for you to gain an up to date understanding of salary fluctuations and industry occurrences, we post a monthly salary and contract rate guide for both the UK and London. 

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