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For over 20 years, Langley James has worked with amazing businesses, to recruit exceptional talent across Chester and the North West region. Today, we work with ambitious, city-based organisations to recruit exceptionally talented tech professionals. We connect exciting opportunities to the best, most suitable, and highly effective people.

Our clients hire the very best talent, fast and effectively, so they can seize the moment.

Our IT recruitment agency in Chester and the North West provides you with access to a range of private networks of IT specialists within the region, and we help you scout some of the best and talented IT professionals to help your business excel. We also provide the latest North West salary guides for a variety of IT job roles to provide insight into the latest trends and fluctuations within the industry.

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What we do

Connecting exceptional people with the right opportunities

We have over 20 years experience and expertise in recognising and recruiting tech professionals. Put us to work for you and unleash your potential.

Equipping employers with all the resources to hire effectively

Recruitment our way is more than understanding the job, the team and the culture. It’s about creating an environment for potential to excel.

Provide career advice and jobseeker resources

Finding a new job and progressing your career is a daunting task. Leverage us to know where to start, how to apply yourself and what to expect along the way to success.

Deliver outplacement services for employees

Businesses change – it’s the only constant. Create advocates of outplaced employees and ensure that talented individuals are given access to the right resources to be recruited or reskilled.

Helping Companies Achieve Success for Over 20 Years

Leading Employers Trust Langley James to Deliver

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