Is Your PSL Working for you?
Jan 17, 2018
Is Your PSL Working for you?
Jan 17, 2018

Preferred Supplier Lists – Food for Thought

Implementing a PSL is meant to: –

  • Cut down on contact from suppliers
  • Save time
  • Allow you to build relationships with your suppliers
  • Act as a form of quality control
  • Allow pre-agreement of terms

So why have 80% of companies operating a PSL had to source from outside their list in the last 12 months?

Is your PSL delivering?

  • Are you satisfied with the quality of service you have received?
  • Do you have a good relationship with your suppliers?
  • Do you wish your suppliers could do more for you?
  • Are your suppliers specialists or generalists?
  • Do you receive services from outside your PSL?
  • Do you struggle with the administration of multiple suppliers for one service?
  • Would you offer your supplier repeat business if they were not on your PSL?

How many is too many?
PSL’s containing over 50 or even 100 suppliers for one service are common!  In order to be of any use, a PSL has to incorporate choice, but at what point does the size of your PSL become an administrative nightmare or simply pointless?

PSLs vs Relationships
A supplier having pride of place on your PSL does not guarantee a healthy relationship.  A quality supplier will seek to understand more about your business and your requirements whether it is the 1st or 40th time you have worked together.  Beware the complacent supplier who believes your repeat business is guaranteed simply because they are on your PSL.

A question of choice
Is your PSL restricting you from working with the people who are best placed to help you?  In contrast, are you limited to using ineffective suppliers just because they are on the approved list?  No one understands your business better than you and in the ever changing world of business, you deserve the right to be flexible and to tailor your choice.  Why be constrained?

Langley James – Leading IT Recruitment Specialists
Here at Langley James we are specialists in IT recruitment and whether you are working with us for the very first time, or you are one of our many loyal clients, we take time to understand exactly what you are looking for.  You will receive the same exceptional level of client care each and every time you return to us.

We have a simple guarantee:  we will deliver a shortlist of between 3 – 5 candidates within 5 working days for permanent staff and within a couple hours for contractors.  Not only will these candidates be qualified to perform the role, we will ensure that they share your company values and ethos.

To discuss your IT recruitment needs and help you find your next superstar.  Call us on 0207 099 4839 or email us at

We’d love you to join in the conversation.  Tweet us @ITRecruitment or follow us on Facebook.

Langley James is aiming even higher this year 

We have doubled our candidate attraction advertising budget for this year, these are the job boards and social media, we are continuously advertising building our network of the best candidates rather than just getting a snapshot of those candidates that are looking at that moment in time. We have appointed an in house trainer/coach to further develop our existing staff and ensure a continuity of service is delivered from out new joiners in the Langley James way.

We are having a record breaking January, already exceeding our previous best with 2 role being filled from taking the job spec to the candidate starting with 12 hours

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