Do You Background Check Your Candidates?
Nov 10, 2019
Do You Background Check Your Candidates?
Nov 10, 2019

Most candidates research key personnel of a prospective employer prior to an interview however, with an increasing amount of personal information being made available online employers are now just as likely to check whether or not a candidate is hiding any skeletons in their closet.

It may be an exaggeration to say the internet is awash with deceitful individuals and businesses but high-profile cases of dishonesty and even outright criminal activity reinforce the need to ensure comprehensive background checks are carried out before any commitment is made.

Many employers now include an online search of candidates as part of their recruitment process. It is free and quick and it can often provide valuable insight into a candidate, both good and bad, which can help an employer to base a hiring decision on more than just a relatively brief meeting with a highly polished candidate during an interview.

The practice of researching candidates prior to interview raises a number of legal and moral questions but here is a list of online resources that can be used to gather information held in the public domain.

  • Popular social media applications may be the first place an employer will search for information relating to a candidate but certain sites, such as Facebook and Twitter have security settings that limit the amount of information shown.
  • Industry-specific rating websites are becoming more popular; caters specifically for trade’s people but the IT industry is starting to use the same concept for IT contractors with sites such as MadGigs.
  • Professional networks such as LinkedIn can be used to check the accuracy of the details on a candidate’s CV, to gauge how well regarded a candidate was by previous employers and colleagues and to see if a candidate has a history of contributing to discussions in their field.
  • A simple Google search can often uncover images or a personal blog that may be full of thoughtful and well-written posts or conversely poorly written posts that demonstrate low critical thinking skills.

Employers should be prepared for what they might find but it makes sense to utilise such a rich source of information in order to make more informed hiring decisions.

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