Cloud Bust – 14 days to find new cloud vendor
Sep 10, 2013
Cloud Bust – 14 days to find new cloud vendor
Sep 10, 2013

Risk of data being washed away
What happens when clouds burst into thin air?

Chaos was rife over the last fortnight as Nirvanix, a reputable, 6-year-old Cloud Provider gave clients 14 days to find a new supplier or lose their data.

In 2 weeks the companies involved had to:

  • Source a Cloud Provider with a similar environment
  • Transfer all data to the new supplier
  • Arrange and pay for supervised overtime for teams to complete the task
  • Shut down and lose business as data was locked due to transfer
  • Test the accessibility of all the data

Data STILL at risk
At massive cost, the companies involved managed to transfer their data to a new provider by 30thSeptember… but the problems haven’t even stopped there.  Nirvanix still has to dispose of the data they have held.  As the leased servers are returned to their owners, if the hardware is not destroyed, there is a risk that data may not be erased completely leaving the companies open to data theft.

Unregulated and high-risk
The ‘Cloud’ industry is completely unregulated.  Anyone with spare space on their server can start a Cloud business.  A company may appear to be British but your data could be held anywhere in the world, putting you at risk of breach of data protection laws.  As the last fortnight’s events have shown, your data is at risk with even the most reputable of companies.  You may have a contract with a Cloud Provider, but once that company ceases to be, the contract is null and void.

Safe as houses
The safest place to keep your data is in-house.  You are in charge of its protection and maintenance. Any changes, for instance due to advances in technology can be dealt with on your timescales.  IT professionals working within your team have a personal investment in protecting and caring for your company’s data.  After all, if something were to go wrong, it would be their reputations (and jobs) on the line.

Thinking of bringing it home?
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