2014 – Some interesting stats for the year ahead
Jan 8, 2014
2014 – Some interesting stats for the year ahead
Jan 8, 2014

2014 – Some interesting stats for the year ahead.

19% of employees plan to move to a new job in 2014 – ILM
Even if you only employ 40 people, this means at least 7 employees will be looking to move.  As confidence soars and the market experiences sustained growth, people that have shut up, put up and stayed put, are already beginning to consider moving roles.  Already this week, we have seen a huge spike in candidate registrations.

33% of employees are not sure if they will stay in their job or find other work this year – ILM
Now not only is the dilemma how to attract the best talent, but now also serious consideration needs to be given to how to retain existing members before a mass exodus. Leaving the case of as soon as one is found you lose another.

10% of those who want to move from their job, plan to become self-employed – ILM
More and more people will now consider contracting and this reflects the amount of contract roles and projects that are coming to life.  Here at Langley James, we have a continually updated database of immediately available 2,000 contractors who are actively seeking their next project.

8% of employers site the lack of skilled people to recruit from as one of their biggest challenges – Sage Business Index
For some time now, as always in IT, there has been a shortage of skilled candidates who are immediately available, so to get the right candidate can now mean having to wait for long notice periods.  Our stringent screening process ensures that are able to skills check all our candidates.

28% of employees say new training or qualifications are their current priority – ILM
The Sage Business Index survey found that more than a third of medium-sized companies said governments should be doing more to improve skills development and education to boost business confidence.  “Companies are getting squeezed in the war for talent at a time of unprecedented competition,” said Christophe Letellier, Chief Executive of Sage Mid-Market.  “Now, more than ever, businesses in the mid-market space need to ensure they are giving employees access to the latest, smartest, most effectives tools and technology”

12% of UK businesses expect recruitment and retention to be the biggest challenge over the next 12 months – Sage Business Index
UK businesses are focusing on developing new business and expanding into new markets as the UK economy leads the charge in global recovery.  We are experts in recruiting IT professionals, why not work with us to help overcome this challenge?

5.5% increase in Worldwide IT expenditure  – Forrester Research
This contributes to the demand in skills with many companies planning to increase headcount in 2014.  Here at Langley James, we doubled our headcount last year due to the upturn in the market and we expect this to continue in 2014.  Knowing that skills are transferable, IT professionals will hold out until they find exactly what they are looking for.  A company’s brand and culture are vital factors for both recruiting and retaining key employees.

33% of employees want a more flexible working environment – ILM
A third of employees say that their main professional aim for the year ahead is to achieve a better work-life balance and if this is not on offer with their current employer then they are happy to move company to achieve this.

12% increase in Senior IT vacancies, (Managers, Directors and CIO’s) – Langley James
We envisage a continued increase in Senior posts over the next 12 months, in the last three months we have seen an increase of 12% in the amount of Senior Management positions we have successfully recruited.

Written by Lucy Rawes, Operations Director

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