10 Great Interview Questions when Interviewing IT Candidates
Feb 19, 2021
10 Great Interview Questions when Interviewing IT Candidates
Feb 19, 2021

10 Great Interview Questions when Interviewing IT Candidates

Interviews are all about finding out as much as you can about your prospective employee before offering or declining the candidate. Interviewing for roles within IT tend to have an emphasis on IT skills, knowledge, and experience, therefore, to ensure that candidate opens up and reveals their approach and attitude towards their work, additional questions will need be considered.


 Langley James IT Recruitment has devised a list of questions that can be used when interviewing for IT positions along with more specific technical questions relevant to the role.

Tell me about a time when you resolved a problem that required a complicated solution?

Aimed to help you understand the IT candidate’s problem-solving skills as well as how they approach teamwork, listening, collaboration and communication.


What new software or system did you recently work with and how did you learn how to use it?

This question will help you to understand your IT candidates’ level of exposure but also how they approach learning.


What do you do when a project you are working on is not going to meet its deadline?

This will help you to understand how the IT candidate makes communicate with Stakeholders and clients, it will also help you to understand if they are able to negotiate for time or resources.


Tell me a bit about the last company you worked for how the work you do supports business goals.

Asking this question will allow you to understand how much your IT candidate understands the bigger picture of what is trying to be achieved and has an understanding company and department goals.


Tell me about a time when you have had to explain a technical process to someone who does not have a technical background.

This question will help you to understand the IT candidate’s communication skills, patience, and ability to help others, by explaining things in a clear manner. It can also highlight intolerance and attitudes.


Can you tell me about a project when you volunteered to help or support at work?

This question will help you to understand an IT candidate’s motivation, interest and initiative.


Tell me about a challenging colleague you have experienced and how you handled the situation.

Whereby conflicts at work are inevitable this question will help you to understand and IT Candidates ability to communicated and resolve an issue.


What strategies do you use to organise and prioritise your work to ensure that you meet your deadlines?

IT involves a lot of project planning, testing, and evaluation, from this question you will learn about your candidates exposure to project management, how they approach deadlines and how remain updated and keep others updated.


Tell me about an IT project that you feel went well and that you are proud of.

You will learn what your candidate sees as a big win at work, you will also understand they approach things collaboratively to achieve the end goal.


What do you know about our company and its systems?

You will learn just how much the IT candidate really wants to work in your organisation as good and keen candidates will have done their homework and found out at least the basics about your organisation and its systems.


There are lots of questions that you can include in an interview, the above questions have been devised to give you some ideas as to how you would structure an interview when recruiting an IT candidate. Combined with a series of technical questions relating to the specific role, these questions will assist you to identify and understand the candidate you are interviewing. When interviewing multiple candidates for a role, use a consistent marking scheme for every question you ask, use identifiers that you are looking for to achieve each mark, using such a structured approach to interview questions will help ensure that you achieve a non-biased end result. 

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